What does the Apple Vision Pro mean for eXRt?

Apple Vision Pro is Apple's first wearable headset device, offering a mixed reality experience. The headset displays augmented reality content overlaid on the world around you, and immersive entirely virtual content. For a virtual reality experience, Apple shuts off the...

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Quick Upper-limb rehab to try at home - Co-ordination


The next section of exercises is to help increase coordination and increase your ability to do your day to day activities. If you find your arm is tired or stiffening up (hard to move), try the following


·  Decrease the amount of repetitions you perform, but increase the number of se...

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What is 2FA and how can it help keep you and your business safe?

2FA or 2 Factor Authentication is also known as Multi-Factor Authentication and it is best described as an added layer of security for your passwords and other information online. It involves having to verify your log in with not just your password, but another form of authentication such as a verif...

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Quick Upper-limb rehab to try at home - Hand Strengthening

The next section of exercises is for increasing the strength of your hand. Here are some tips:


•Your muscles should feel tired after each set

•If your hand muscles are stiffening up, try the hand and wrist stretch (page 11).

•Instead of using the gripper, use the ball. 

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Quick Upper-limb rehab to try at home - Arm Strengthening

The next section of exercises is aimed at increasing arm strength.

1.  Your muscles should feel tired after each set

2.  The exercises should be difficult to do, but not painful in any way

3.  If your arm is stiffening up (hard to move), perform the Total Arm Stretch to relax your arm ...

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Quick Upper-limb rehab to try at home!

Recovering from a stroke or arm disability can be a challenging thing to do, that’s why at eXRt we believe it is important to maximise recovery and doing arm and hand exercises at home can be beneficial.

Over a series of BLOG posts we will be sharing how you can do more rehab at home using the GRASP ...
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Quick Upper-limb rehab to try at home - Stretching

In your rehab, its always important to stretch before any form of exercise and the GRASP program is no exception! 


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Happy Birthday eXRt!

Our company has officially been in business 2 years! Thank you to all of those who have continued to support us over these last 2 years to help us help those who need neuro-rehabilitation and may we continue to grow and grow!

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Atrial Fibrillation - How can it cause a stroke?

According to Heart Research UK,  "Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common heart rhythm problem and is thought to affect around 2 million people in the UK." It causes an irregular and fast heartbeat, which makes the heart pump poorly. As a result, blood clots may form inside the he...

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The relationship between Stress and Stroke

The World Health Organization defines stress as “ a state of worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation. Stress is a natural human response that prompts us to address challenges and threats in our lives”.

Stress can appear in the form of work-place stress, where in our everyday jobs...

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