Quick Upper-limb rehab to try at home!

05.01.24 10:00 AM Comment(s) By Laura

Introduction to GRASP Level 1

Recovering from a stroke or arm disability can be a challenging thing to do, that’s why at eXRt we believe it is important to maximise recovery and doing arm and hand exercises at home can be beneficial.

Over a series of BLOG posts we will be sharing how you can do more rehab at home using the GRASP (Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Program) method recommended by rehab professionals around the world.  You can get started with just a few pieces of equipment from around the house or simply purchased online at little cost.

GRASP Level 1 consists of 4 exercise groups:

Getting Started

Allow yourself time to complete 1 hour for 7 days a week. You can even divide it up into two 30min sessions per day

How to be successful using GRASP

1. Have regular prescribed time for the GRASP exercises

2. Monitor your progress by tracking your GRASP exercise time

3. Ensure the GRASP exercises are challenging

4. Use the stroke-affected arm as much as you can in your waking hours

Family/Caretaker Involvement

We encourage your family to do the exercise program with you. Here are some ways they can get involved:

·  Encourage you to use your stroke-affected hand as much as possible throughout the day when it is safe to do so 

·  Help you to organize the exercise equipment for quick changes between exercises 

·  Help you to put exercise equipment away after each exercise is completed 

·  Keep track of your exercise time on the Daily Log Sheet (at end of book) 

·  And most of all, help encourage and motivate you 


Please tell your therapist as soon as possible if:

  • · Pain stops you from doing your exercises
  •  You feel so tired after doing your exercises that you cannot participate fully in your regular daily activities
Try the first upper-limb exercise in the series - Stretching!

If you are interested in getting to know more about how our company can incorporate these exercises in the form of VR or would like to request a demo of our products, email us at info@exrt.io or check out our social media pages for more information!

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