Quick Upper-limb rehab to try at home - Stretching

05.01.24 10:00 AM Comment(s) By Laura

Stretching (THE WARM UP)

In your rehab, its always important to stretch before any form of exercise and the GRASP program is no exception! 


Total Arm Stretch

1.  Sit straight in your chair and lean forward over your knees.

2.  Make sure that your arms hang loosely in a relaxed stretch.

3.  You should feel a pull through your shoulders.

4.  Hold the stretch for a count of 10 and then slowly straighten up.

5.  Repeat 2 times.

Shoulder Shrug

1.  Sit in a chair with your arms by your side.

2.  Make sure your back is touching the back of the chair.

3.  Raise your shoulders towards your ears for a count of 3. Return to starting position.

4.  Repeat 5 times

Hand and Wrist Stretch

1.  Place your palms together.

2.  Push the left hand against the right.

3.  Hold for a count of 3.

4.  Push the right hand against the left.

5.  Hold for a count of 3.

6.  Repeat 5 times for each side.


If it is hard to put your hands flat together, make a fist with your weaker hand and place your stronger hand over the top

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