What does the Apple Vision Pro mean for eXRt?

19.02.24 12:41 PM Comment(s) By Laura

Apple's New VR Headset

Apple Vision Pro is Apple's first wearable headset device, offering a mixed reality experience. The headset displays augmented reality content overlaid on the world around you, and immersive entirely virtual content. For a virtual reality experience, Apple shuts off the cameras and can make it seem like you are completely isolated from what's going on around you, allowing you to focus solely on what's being displayed on the headset's screens. This shift between the "real" and the "immersive" can be controlled with an on-device Digital Crown.

What it means for our company and our product Resynk

AR (Augmented Reality) Capabilities

  • Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 have enhanced the AR capabilities of VR headsets by substantially improving pass-through camera quality. It's not a brand-new feature within the VR sector, but for wireless VR headsets, advancements see an improvement in the quality of colour rendition, better tracking of the headset position and orientation, and better capability for creating enriched mixed reality environments through which virtual objects appear to be more realistic and situated within the real environment (e.g. virtual objects can cast shadows on real objects). 
  • These advancements make it possible for patients to perform physio exercises with a VR headset on but still view their natural surroundings. For example, they can see their living room and a carer or physio present within the room.


  • The new headset from Apple will come with built-in privacy and security. Apple says that the goggles were designed to protect user privacy and will let users control their data. 
  • The product is built on the foundation of the existing Apple privacy and security features and a new technology called Optic ID. Optic ID will be similar to the Touch ID, but users can use the uniqueness of an eye’s iris instead of fingerprints

Eye Tracking 

  • Eye tracking within the Apple Vision enables greater use of eye direction and focus to become part of the user interface and create a more immersive, and intuitive interface for the user. 
  • Interfaces that use eye tracking and hand gesture recognition together can be of great benefit to people with disability. 

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